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Creative Meditation


Using coloured woollen yarns and twigs or sticks, you create your own ‘god’s eye’, a so-called gateway to another dimension. Inspired by the religious culture of the Huichol Indians, living near the Mexican border.

By intuitively choosing your colours and continuously repeating the same spinning movement – possibly combined with personal, inner prayers – you gradually empty your head of possible worries and achieve a certain state of peace and relaxation.


Basics Didgeridoo

Learn the basics of playing the didgeridoo in all its aspects and experience the magic and exoticism of its (super)natural sounds and vibrations.

A course on how to play the didgeridoo, the famous instrument of the Australian Aboriginals. Includes every basic aspect of didgeridoo playing such as the typical circular breathing technique.

For everyone who is interested in producing the most extraordinary musical sounds playing the most extraordinary instrument, the didgeridoo or 'yedake'.

The didgeridoo or ‘didge’ is originally a blow pipe made of eucalyptus wood. This magical instrument is made of a thick tree branch hollowed out naturally by termites. It can be from 1 up to 1,5m long. Accompanied by clapping sticks, the Aboriginals play the didgeridoo on sacred healing ceremonies and at nocturnal celebration dances, called ‘corroborees’.

After a didgeridoo initiation, didgeridoo workshops can be repeated to refresh our didgeridoo practice and to exchange experiences.


Attention: below video is only available in French. The explanation ‘how to play the didge’ is rather humoristic, in French of course.

'Dreamtime' Sound Relaxation

This workshop is inspired by the Aboriginal ‘dreamtime experience’, whereby a different state of consciousness allows you to reinterpret the world around you. It is a healthy mix of sound, breathing -and dream experiences where you let yourself be taken, either while sitting or lying down, on a unique journey of sound meditation.

According to each individual’s age, personal attitude and experience, sounds and vibrations may be perceived in different ways.

Moreover each listener produces his own ‘music’ and exchanges these sounds and vibrations with the musician. Participating in a dreamtime session is above all a personal experience which does not follow any prescription or rules. The sounds and vibrations are created with exotic instruments, sound bowls, overtones and natural voice singing.



Chinese 'Self-Massage'

Learn, practise and experience at home or at work the positive effects of ‘Tuina self-massage' techniques (“tweenaa’’).

Chinese therapeutic Tuina massage forms part of traditional Chinese medicine and like acupuncture, phytotherapy and tai chi-qigong, it is considered one of its founding principles.

Tuina can be administered to all age groups for both therapeutic and relaxation ends. Based on the principles of tension and relaxation, a series of manual techniques are applied to treat meridians and acupuncture points and thus relieve both body and mind. Tuina massage works preventively, does away with blockades and releases your energy.


Qi Gong


Thanks to qi gong techniques and exercises you can learn to experience yourself and the environment in a more conscious way, so as to get directly in touch with your health. Qi Gong is one of the major components of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

During this workshop, you will practice specific exercises and techniques to be able to manage in a more alert way your physical attitude, your breathing, your motion and your mental intention. Be aware of your own physical and mental energy and accomplish a certain balance.

Eventually, when regularly practiced, qi gong can positively influence your general state of health.

In regard to this workshop a dvd with the course content can be obtained at an extra of 15€.



Alternative Work - Seminar - Meeting Breaks

Would you like to surprise your employees with an alternative seminar or meeting break? Then organize one of the following in-house activities: from playing the didgeridoo, practising yin/yang relaxation techniques, breathing meditation and useful massage tips to mind-blowing ‘pow wow’ drumming and ‘dreamtime’ concerts.

More information on ‘pow wow’: Before having a brainstorm meeting, from which you hope to obtain creative and innovative ideas and suggestions on for instance product and campaign launches, invite your employees to play the pow wow drum together and really ‘storm their brain’. For certain, the vibrations of this type of drum bear the physical heart and spirit of the player and bring him in closer contact with himself, giving rise to a certain balance and possible insights. The drumming allows you to break away from inherent mind frames and approach matters from an entirely different point of view.

The pow wow is an annual meeting of the ‘Indian Nations’ in the U.S.A. Without the drum, there is no pow wow, as it represents the heartbeat and life spirit of the Native American Nations.

Legend has it that a woman brought the drum to the Indians. That is why it harbours a certain female power. Isn’t female power a synonym for renewal and creativity?

You can approach an ‘Indian’ drum in different ways. For example, in a physical and/or in an intuitive way. Physically, the drum is a mere wooden, round instrument on which, originally, an animal skin has been tightened. You can play it with your hands or with drum sticks to produce a certain repetitive rythm. It can go along with chanting. Intuitively, it represents a lot more.

When playing it, it is an instrument that enables you to express your inner feelings, even if you chant with it. You can do it with a directed intention to yourself, your love, your relatives, your fellow men, your ancestors, nature, people in distress, ...

The drum is more than an instrument, it is a medium that allows to connect with yourself, with the environment, with all that lives, with the universe, ... You can feed the drum with intention, with drops of water, with tobacco, ...

Its round shape and circular contours can represent the cosmos, the sun, the moon, the life cycle, a beginning, an ending, the four wind directions, the four seasons, the balance between 'good' and 'evil', ...

You can thank and honor the tree that provided the wood, the animal that offered the skin and the one who made the drum. Intuitively, the drum stands for a lot more, energy, connection, being part of a cosmic network of drummers, human beings, actions, events, ...

We are all related to each other.



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Important Remark

Workshops take place with a minimum of 5 participants.

On location, at your own home or at work.

The above mentioned workshops can be tailored to suit content, location, number of participants, etc. Consequently, the workshops can be given to younger and less younger people, in schools, in companies and privately at home.

Some of them can be programmed individually, for instance, 'dreamtime' and breathing meditation.

Breathing Meditation

Thanks to breathing meditation you can learn how to focus on your respiration (abdominal respiration in particular) and consequently regain a state of peace and relaxation.

Step by step you are assisted in tracking tension in your mind and/or body, isolating it and relieving this tension. Breathing meditation will gradually enable you to take a distance from inner turmoil as well as your surroundings.

Sweatlodge or Purification Ceremony

Confront yourself during a 4-round sweat in a ceremonial sweat house and experience cleansing in total darkness and close to red glowing stones. Workshop takes place in ‘a sweat lodge’ in the middle of nature..

All but a unique sweating experience, not your average sauna ...

Concentration and Alertness

Learn how to improve your concentration through respiration. By concentrating on your breathing, you will gradually be able to recognize tensions in your body and/or mind, control, lighten them and eventually dissolve these tensions. Thus you will achieve a state of relaxation and mental peace which will help you to interpret and cope with certain personal experiences and events in your life.

Chair Massage on the Work Floor

With its ‘feelgood chair massage’, DragonTurtle offers you the opportunity to experience the benefits of Chinese Tuina massage outside the wellness centre and use it to improve both the well-being of your employees as well as the well-functioning of your company.

Happy and healthy employees namely form the basis of a solid organization.

The so-called chair massage is based on a series of manual techniques, treating specific acupuncture points and meridians in reference to tension and relaxation of both mind and body. A chair massage moreover works preventively, does away with blockades and releases energy in order to better handle stress and work more efficiently.

Consider the option to take extra care of your personnel. Even during your participation at a fait with a stand, the facility of a chair massage service can be favorable for your stand staff, but also for potential customers. Give it a try.

Gift Vouchers DragonTurtle

Reward or surprise your employees with a gift voucher for a Dragon Turtle wellness treatment. Massage sessions and sound relaxations can be enjoyed at the centre or at home (on request).

Vouchers remain valid for a year from the date of purchase.

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