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Tuina Massage

Chinese therapeutic Tuina massage forms part of traditional Chinese medicine and together with acupuncture, phytotherapy, nutrition and tai chi-qigong it could be considered one of its founding principles. Massage can have a healing effect thanks to its energizing, relaxing and pain-relieving qualities. Based on manual techniques, certain areas of the body and/or muscles, acupuncture – and pain points on the body are massaged. Mobilisation, manipulation and traction of the joints and the spine are also possible. Treatment can be combined with for instance the use of ‘moxa’ herbs and ‘cupping’. Each massage is preceded by an introductory conversation.

For the table massage you can either choose to remain dressed (as traditional Tuina massage is originally performed in China), be massaged in direct contact with the skin and with or without essential oils being used. The focus, however, lies on the therapeutic and curative purposes of the massage.




It can relieve pain but also lighten ailments and soreness, whether being chronic or acute. It can be practised on both adults and children (babies and toddlers included). Above all, Tuina massage is a healthy massage, ideal for a regular check-up in order to maintain your general health and keep your energy well-balanced.



A type of energetic massage, mainly focussed on the area above, along and underneath the navel point (the centre of the body).

Sometimes we may experience certain blockades in the internal organs, which manifest themselves as a knot or gas. After a while, these will prevent our life energy from running smoothly.

Certain emotions such as fear, anger, stress as well as worrying, malnutrition and bad posture often cause these blockades.





For adults and children (babies and toddlers included), based on manual Tuina techniques in which the meridians and acupuncture points can be treated in relation to tension and relaxation of body and mind. To attain full relaxation, oil and artificial heating sources can be used. This massage works mainly preventively, does away with blockades and releases your energy. From the age of 5 months to 9 years old, specific explicit pressure points, areas and techniques for children are applied. Children need to be accompanied by at least one of their parents.



Particular Tuina and Qi Gong techniques are also practised here. Mainly aims for a relaxing and vitalising effect on body, mind and the specific body part itself.


During this type of massage glass cups are placed and moved over specific parts of the body. A strong suction power attracts toxics from the deeper tissue layers and directs them to the skin surface to stimulate the vital energy stream.

Cupping massage softens muscular pain and promotes digestion.

Be aware that after the massage, some red circular suction impressions may remain for a couple of days on the treated body parts.




It is a massage with a very directed heat source that originates from a so-called moxa cigar or moxa bar. They both consist of mugwort herb (artemis vulgaris) and have the quality to radiate a strong, concentrated heat for a long time.

A moxa bar or cigar are held above acupuncture points, acupuncture meridians and meridional areas.

It stimulates the free flow of vital energy in the body, softens muscular and articular pain and supports the digestion system.





Hot stones, that warm up the body, are, preferably, placed on the back or the abdominal area.

The stones have a temperature of about 50°, can be moved over the body and have a relaxing effect.







An ear candle massage is applied for a deep cleansing of the ear and a feeling of well-being in the head and ears.

The nasal passages can also be relieved.







This massage consists as much of manual, regulating as energizing techniques focused upon the internal organs (according the health approach of traditional Chinese medicine) and their mutual interaction and influence on the general mental and physical health. The masseur and the person being massaged can cooperate by using organ sounds, organ colors, visualizations, mental focus and specific respiration techniques. The blood (xue) and the vital energy qi are stimulated to flow flawlessly throughout all the body. Blockages and qi stagnation can be eliminated. After a massage session, specific organ exercises can be taught to practice at home.



A caressing massage reduces stress and tension thanks to the soft, slow and slightly kneading massage movements over the entire body.

This type of massage is more sensual than a classic one and diverts the focus from the mind on the senses of the body. Free of any sexual act.




On special demand, a massage can be focussed exclusively on one particular part of the body or meridian zone such as the back, shoulders or neck, or on a particular combination of body parts.


Also possible: A massage followed by a sound relaxation session on the ‘sound wave’ bench and 'sound relaxation bed'.

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Chair Massage

The ‘DragonTurtle feelgood chair massage’ offers you the opportunity to experience the beneficial and harmonizing effects of Tuina massage outside the wellness centre.

At home, for elderly people, people who are less mobile, etc. A massage can be effective on different levels. It can work on a physiological level, but also improve our mental state. With care and attention, head, neck, back, arms and hands are massaged.

At work, for the well-being of your colleagues and, last but not least, the well-functioning of your company. For certain, happy and healthy employees lie at the basis of a solid and healthy enterprise.

A chair massage moreover works preventively (against discouragement, stress, absenteism, ...), does away with blockades and releases energy in order to better handle stress and work more efficiently.

Consider surprising your employees with a special mental and physical treat. And why not hire a chair massage service for your fair stand and thus indulge your personnel as well as your potential clients.

Massage in the Practice

'5 Elements' Nutrition Advice

The so-called ‘good nutrition or balanced diet’ is about more than the mere intake of vitamins and counting of calories.

The taste, the energetic value, the thermal quality, the interconnection with the 5 elements of nutrients -- all play an important role in maintaining or restoring our balance. Nutrition advice may also complete the therapeutic treatments mentioned above.