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Sound relaxation in whichever form can remove stress and blockades and have a soothing, relaxing and healing effect on both body and mind. The latter are interconnected and have a strong influence on each other. According to each individual’s personal attitude and experience, sounds and vibrations may be perceived in different ways: one may relax instantly while the other falls asleep. Some people remain alert during the session, wanting to know what is happening around them, while others can only distinguish the sounds which are being produced and let themselves ‘float’ and be taken on a spiritual journey of dreams and visions. Sound relaxation is above all a personal experience which does not follow any prescription or rules.



‘Sound Wave’ sound relaxation:

You you can lie comfortably on your back or belly on the ‘sound wave bench’ (see the illustration) while the sound tones and oscillations of the built-in string instruments of the bench relax you. Tibetan bowl overtones or vocal sounds can be added. Ideally, treatment on the sound wave bench (listen) can be preceded by a relaxing back - or chair massage.

'Sound relaxation bed':

For 30 minutes you can completely relax on a simple bed (see below), have you surrounded by authentical animal and nature sounds. In this way, for instance, some dolphins can accompany you to another dimension of tranquility.

Sound meditation:

Here the focus lies on listening to specific sounds which are played after a short introduction on breathing techniques. Sound meditation is perfect to train your mental alertness and concentration.

Breathing meditation for inner silence:

Here you learn how to concentrate on your breathing (abdominal breathing in particular), or on a specific part of your body. We can for instance breathe along a certain pace or natural rhythm. After a while, it will enable you to recognize and track certain tensions in your body and/or mind, control, lighten them and eventually dissolve these tensions, thus achieving a state of relaxation and mental peace.



‘Dreamtime’ sound concert: A healthy mix of sound, dream and breathing meditation, inspired by Aboriginal ‘dreamtime’ experiences where, while lying down or sitting upright, you let yourself be taken on a sound trip created by sound vibrations as well as your own breathing.

According to each individual’s age, personal attitude and experience, sounds and vibrations may be perceived in different ways. Moreover each listener produces his own ‘music’ and exchanges these sounds and vibrations with the musician. Participating in a dreamtime session is above all a personal experience which does not follow any prescription or rules. The sounds and vibrations are created with exotic instruments, sound bowls, overtones and natural voice singing.

Sound relaxation, sound – and breathing meditation sessions as well as dreamtime concerts can be organized at your own home, at school, or at work.


At a dream spot of Sicily, namely in Taormina, my wife and I have discovered a little and serene chapel, along a small ancient escape way of the Mores. It is close to Castelmola, a mountain village situated a bit higher.

The chapel, dated from the first century after Christ, is a place of prayer and honors the local saint San Biaggio. Its ceiling contains traces of religious frescos, ‘eaten away’ by time and humidity.

Inside, you are overwhelmed by an inner silence and you become aware of a sort of celestial atmosphere. You come in the mood to honor this sacral space with vibrations and colors of overtones. Each time we go back there to honor the energy of Sicily.

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