Wellness centre

aiming for balance and personal care

Centre for Well-Being and Training

DragonTurtle is a one-man wellness centre, focussed on personal well-being and training, aiming for balance and self-awareness.

It offers you massage, sound and breathing relaxation, individual counselling, workshops as well as tailor-made language courses (for foreigners).

Dragonturtle is for all ages: at my practice, at your own home or at the office. Personal attention and service are key to my approach. Tailor-made formulas are possible.


Hello and welcome. My name is Karel-Ferdinand Vandersloten and I’m the person behind DragonTurtle. After several years of studying and specialised training, I started as an independent therapist offering Chinese massage, personal coaching and sound relaxation as well as language training.

After many years of experience as a public relations manager in the automobile branch, and suffering from a burn-out, I decided to reorient my life thoroughly. I opted for a completely new direction, namely one in which I can help people to feel better physically as well as mentally, in their private life as well as on the work floor.


Together with my deep interest in the interaction between man and his environment, my communication skills, readiness to listen, eye for detail, perseverance, knowledge from both working and personal experiences, love for exotic music, sound vibrations and language/body language, are an asset.

With both my theoretical and practical knowledge of shamanism, sweating lodge rituals, overtones, yoga, meditation as well as my training as an NLP and Tuina practitioner (read “tweena”: Chinese massage therapy) (including apprenticeship with recognised practitioners in China), I would like to help you improve your physical and mental well-being.

I’m looking forward to hear from you. Free information available.

Clic here for my curriculum !

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DragonTurtle ?

Dragonturtle represents an animal derived from Chinese mythology. It is half dragon, half turtle. The dragon symbolises happiness whereas the turtle represents a long life. The baby turtle marks a new beginning.

Legend has it that within his body the turtle carries the secret of heaven and earth. It moreover refers to the balance between yin and yang, rest and action, noise and silence which gives rise to the basis of a healthy and happy life.

The fiery dynamics of the dragon and the earthly tranquillity of the turtle can perfectly coexist.

In China, the DragonTurtle is still regularly called upon for success in business, love, prosperity and protection...