Wellness centrum

aiming for balance and personal care


The journey of a thousands steps

begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

The first wealth is health.

R.W. Emerson

Youth is the gift of nature,

age is work of art

S.J. Lec


DragonTurtle is a one-man wellness centre, focused on personal well-being and training, aiming for balance and self-awareness.

It offers you massage, sound and breathing relaxation, individual counselling, workshops as well as tailor-made language courses (for foreigners).

Services are offered for all ages: at my practice, at your own home or at the office. Personal attention and service are key to my approach. Tailor-made formulas are possible.

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stress reduction



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Chinese therapeutic Tuina massage forms part of traditional Chinese medicine and together with acupuncture, phytotherapy, nutrition and tai chi-qigong it could be considered one of its founding principles.

Each treatment is preceded by an introductory conversation.

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Offer your employees the opportunity to learn how to get rid of stress by themselves or reward them this way, from time to time, with a massage for their efforts. DragonTurtle Wellness takes care of massages on contract basis or on location for one-time missions.

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Sound relaxation in whichever form can remove stress and blockades and have a soothing, relaxing and healing effect on both body and mind. The latter are interconnected and have a strong influence on each other.

According to each individual’s personal attitude and experience, sounds and vibrations may be perceived in different ways.

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"Give meaning to your life instead of wondering whether life has any meaning."

Personal coaching, Stress counselling and Allergy treatment are mainly conducted according to NLP principles. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming or New Learning Process.

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Language Training

DragonTurtle offers individual language training at work or at home.

This service, focused on the teaching of Dutch and French, but also on basic German and English as a second or foreign language, is directed to individuals, self-employed workers and companies. The trainings are devised in order to obtain a specific language improvement within a specific time span.

The language training can take place in Dutch, French, German, English or Italian and is tailored to suit the individual and professional needs of the student.

Language training

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Gift Voucher

Surprise your partner, friend, employee or family member with an extraordinary gift, and offer him/her a DragonTurtle Gift Voucher for one of our wellness treatments.

A Gift Voucher is valid for one year from the purchase date.

Gift Vouchers can be tailor-made.