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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Personal coaching, Stress counseling and Allergy treatment are mainly conducted according to NLP principles. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming or New Learning Process.


Your neurological system processes impressions from the outside world and saves them. It also conducts our biological life processes.


By using language intently and with a different awareness, you can influence your inner neurological processes and enhance changes. Language and words are the key to forming a bridge between your conscience and sub-conscience. Language provides both content and form. By learning how to manipulate specifically the form, you give and receive more accurate information, improving your communication with other people.


Refers to the manner in which you organize the information of the world around you by filtering and interpreting it. Thus arises an entirely specific cognitive model of the world, based on which you react unconsciously or automatically, make choices and take decisions. NLP mainly focuses on the form of this kind of programming, pattern thinking and neurological processes. It helps you to enhance your communication skills, located in that part of the brain which is used for interpersonal and intra-personal communication (interaction between your conscience and sub-conscience, and with your environment).

It teaches you how to manipulate these processes which have a large impact on your behavior and on how you use your qualities. Manipulating these processes leads to emotional intelligence. Eventually you will have developed your own manual to your brain.


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Like to Work on Yourself?

Would you like to become more conscious of how you treat yourself and others and deal with your environment? Would you like to handle your fears, doubts, questions and uncertainties about your current and future life? Have you noticed that in certain circumstances you tend to behave according to a specific pattern? Do you feel your behavior somehow prevents you from achieving your goals or from changing certain habits? Do you suffer from stress and do you want to live your life differently?

If so, I can help and guide you. Together we can find out what you would like to work on and how. Your own intention and determination are the key to your success. For one determines becoming and being ‘better’ to ones own degree.


NLP-techniques can be applied to lessen and even eradicate allergies completely.

The ‘Institute of Noetic Sciences’ in the USA, working on 'psycho-neuro-immunology', collects worldwide information on the positive effects of NLP. Accounts from people who have liberated themselves from allergies under the guidance of Paul Liekens, can be found on his website: www.paulliekens.be.

This is also possible at DragonTurtle’s !