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Tuina Massage & Nutrition Advice '5 Elements

Chinese therapeutic Tuina massage forms part of traditional Chinese medicine and together with acupuncture, phytotherapy, nutrition and tai chi-qigong it could be considered one of its founding principles.

Massage can have a healing effect thanks to its energizing, relaxing and pain-relieving qualities.

Based on manual techniques, certain areas of the body and/or muscles, acupuncture – and pain points on the body are massaged. Mobilisation, manipulation and traction of the joints and the spine are also possible.

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Wellness At Home And At Work

Massage, chair massage, coaching, sound relaxation, breathing meditation, 'dreamtime' concert, ... can, of course, be performed at home, individually or within an intimate circle of relatives or friends and acquaintances, or at your company.

These wellness services can be tailored to suit content, location or number of participants. For example: Gather your friends or relatives and invite them to a so-called massage party or an initiation to Chinese 'self-massage' techniques.

Sound & Breathing Relaxation

Sound relaxation in whichever form can remove stress and blockades and have a soothing, relaxing and healing effect on both body and mind. The latter are interconnected and have a strong influence on each other.

According to each individual’s personal attitude and experience, sounds and vibrations may be perceived in different ways.

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Workshops take place with a minimum of 5 participants. On location, at your own home or at work.

The DragonTurtle workshops can be tailored to suit content, location, number of participants, etc. Consequently, the workshops can be given to younger and less younger people, in schools, in companies and privately at home.

Some of them can be programmed individually, for instance, 'dreamtime' and breathing meditation.


Coaching, Stress Counseling & Allergy Treatment

Would you like to work on yourself? Would you like to become more conscious of how you treat yourself and others and deal with your environment? Would you like to handle your fears, doubts, questions and uncertainties about your current and future life? Have you noticed that in certain circumstances you tend to behave according to a specific pattern? Do you feel your behaviour somehow prevents you from achieving your goals or from changing certain habits? Do you suffer from stress and do you want to live your life differently?

If so, I can help and guide you. Together we can find out what you would like to work on and how. Your own intention and determination are the key to your success. For one determines becoming and being ‘better’ to ones own degree.


Language Training

DragonTurtle offers individual language training at work or at home.

This service, focussed on the teaching of Dutch and French, but also on basic German and English as a second or foreign language, is directed to individuals, self-employed workers and companies. The trainings are devised in order to obtain a specific language improvement within a specific time span.

The language training can take place in Dutch, French, German, English or Italian and is tailored to suit the individual and professional needs of the student.